Engineering and Project & Construction Management


Trident Environmental & Engineering, Inc. is a specialized consulting firm providing design, CADD services, project and construction management, and environmental services.


Engineering For Facilities
  • Gas & Liquid Pipelines and Facilities

  • Aboveground storage tanks for fuel dispensing and stand-by emergency generators.

  • Cathodic Protection and AC Mitigation

  • Foundations and Anchors

  • Process Engineering

  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities (compressed air, lifts, water, anti-freeze, windshield washing and vacuum cleaning piping).

  • Vehicle Wash Facilities and Wastewater Treatment

Construction and Project Management
  • Bid Package Preparation/Change Order Assistance

  • Procurement/Source Inspection

  • Planning/Scheduling

  • Constructability/Peer Review


Corrosion Engineering

We provide turnkey project solutions from start to finish: design, materials, installation, final testing and report writing. We investigate corroded or failed structures to determine;

  • Viable cathodic protection options,

  • Electrical Continuity,

  • Current Requirements.

We also provide Video Probe, as required. Most importantly, we will consider all options for Optimum Corrosion Control and Protection Methodology and Technique.