Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and Power Generation Facilities Services

Trident provides engineering, project management, construction management, and environmental services for natural gas and hydrogen pipeline compressor stations and other facilities.

  • Studies, Design, and Permitting
    • Flow Studies and Calculations to Optimize Pipeline Routing
    • Pipeline Design Services including Route Selection and Sensitive Crossings
    • Detailed Design and Alignment Sheets
    • Relief valve filtration and Metering Studies
    • Preliminary Design Basis
    • Documentation for CEC Filings
    • Piping Manifolds and Process Piping Design
    • Support of Permit Applications for Pipeline Projects for Filings
    • Design Development Studies for Gas Pipeline Connections
    • Design for HDD Crossings Under Rivers and Roadways
    • Studies to Optimize Pipeline Routing
  • Planning
    • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Manual Preparation
    • SCADA Controls and Leak Detection Studies
    • DOT Compliance
    • Soil, Water, and Contamination Sampling during Construction
    • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
    • Leak Detection and Remediation
  • DOT, California Fire Marshall, and CPUC Compliance Reviews
  • Pipeline Depth of Cover Assessments
  • Integrity Records Review
  • Pipeline Location
  • Pipeline Marker Verification
  • Cathodic Protection Records Review
  • Soil Corrosivity Studies
  • Internal Corrosion Studies and Prevention Recommendations
  • Internal inspection
  • Buried Pipeline Inspection
  • Pipe coating application inspection services include pipe coating inspection to ensure that pipe coating is applied per manufacturer’s guidelines and industry practices
  • Well Site Management Support Services
  • Well Services
    • Flaring Equipment and Services
    • Casing Cutting/Pipe Removal Services
    • Perforations
    • Slickline Services
    • Field Specialist Services
    • Casing Centralizers
    • Dust Control
    • Transport
    • Equipment Rental
    • Well Head Access Custom Platform
    • Hydraulic Line Jacketed Tubing
    • Fluid Level
  • Management Support Services
  • Well Cement Bond/Casing Collar and Gamma-Ray Neutron Logs
  • Well Wire Line Logging Services
  • Gyro Survey
  • Noise and Temperature Wireline Logging Services
  • Generators
  • Office and Trailers
Pipeline Corrosion

Corrosion Experts

Corrosion detection and prevention, including installation of vital mitigation measures.

oil refinery plant from industry zone aerial view oil and gas petrochemical industrial refinery

Tanks & Vessels

Comprehensive solutions, including new construction and upgrades to existing above and underground tanks.

construction manager and engineer working on building site

Project & Construction Management

Dedicated, certified engineering professionals for all phases of design, construction, mitigation and permitting needs

Pipeline Facilities


Planning & corrective solutions (including Horizontal Directional Drilling) for Pipelines, Pump Stations, Tank Facilities & Treatment Plants.