Project and Construction Management Services

Trident has a dedicated team of engineers providing project and construction management services for all phases of design, permitting, construction, and mitigation.

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Post Construction
  • Budget Cost Estimation
  • Bid Package Preparation and Bid Cycle Assistance
  • Constructability Review
  • Prepare General Terms and Conditions
  • Solicit and evaluated bids
  • Preparation of cost and schedule documents, material take off sheets and specifications
  • Operations Support to write maintenance manuals
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • RFI’s and Response Process
  • Project Scope Changes
  • Design Changes and Approvals
  • Award contract and manage contractors
  • Engineering Assistance
  • As-built Assistance
  • Pre-Construction
    • Cost Estimate, Bid Package
    • Constructability Review
    • Prepare General Terms and Conditions
    • Procurement/Source Inspection
    • Review of Contractor Health and Safety Plans
    • Ensure that the contractor insurance and bond requirements are current
  • Construction
    • Change Order Review/Audit
    • Cost Control and Estimate
    • Inspection/Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    • Claims Avoidance
    • Field Inspection during Construction for Code Compliance
    • Field Inspections
    • Progress Verification / Progress Payment Approvals
    • Punch List and Final Inspection
    • Conduct daily/weekly progress meetings to keep the construction on schedule and within the budget constraints
    • Coordinate work between Architect/Engineer and Contractors such as clarification of RFI’s
    • Monthly progress report to client and regulatory authorities
    • Field inspections of contractors’ performance and provide guidance for smooth execution of contracts
    • Construction progress verification prior to processing the payment applications
    • Final inspection and punch list item cleanup and contract closing
  • Post Construction
    • Delay Analysis
    • Claims Resolution
    • As Built Drawings
    • As Built Schedule
  • CBO Function as a Representative for City or County
Pipeline Corrosion

Corrosion Experts

Corrosion detection and prevention, including installation of vital mitigation measures.

oil refinery plant from industry zone aerial view oil and gas petrochemical industrial refinery

Tanks & Vessels

Comprehensive solutions, including new construction and upgrades to existing above and underground tanks.

Facilities Services


Feasibility studies, design, engineering, and project and construction management.

Pipeline Facilities


Planning & corrective solutions (including Horizontal Directional Drilling) for Pipelines, Pump Stations, Tank Facilities & Treatment Plants.